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Yokine Smiles Dental is a friendly family dental practice located conveniently and dedicated to quality, caring and comfort. Our dentists regularly confer on patient care, so you benefit from our collective years of experience. We constantly update our individual and group education to ensure that we remain on the leading edge of dental technology.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eftpos and develop payment plans to make it convenient and cost effective to our patients and our experienced staff can assist you in getting the maximum legally available medical benefits.

Modern dentistry, as performed by our compassionate staff, makes keeping healthy, attractive teeth for your lifetime a reality.

Whether you want to improve your smile, replace loose or missing teeth, eliminate bad breath or treat gum disease, the Yokine Smiles Dental will work with you to give you a natural, healthy smile.

Quality, comfort and state-of-the-art dentistry is what Yokine Smiles Dental promises — and delivers! Our teams of prominent highly qualified and experienced professionals provide the services you need.

About Us - Yokine Dental - The Latest Technology at your service.

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Dog Swamp Shopping Centre, Shop 21B/6 Wanneroo Rd, Yokine WA 6060
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